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The Green Tune Uses a Green Silent Coating
The "Green Silent Coating" label surface on the Green Tune is designed to assist in the achievement of the highest possible fidelity in the digital recording and digital mastering reproduction process.

The Green Tunetm for Audio Mastering CD-R has a unique coating called the Green Silent Coat. This specially formulated "green label" is used to coat the disc's surface and serves two specific purposes (besides being Inkjet Printable).

The Green Silent Coat (GSC)
First, the GSC seeks its own leveling during the writing/burning process. This allows each and every disc to achieve its near-perfect rotational balance and provides a 'self-leveling' effect both on the surface of the disc and in the decomposition of the media dye layer within the disc for more enhanced digital recordings and playback.

Secondly, the GSC has a pourous surface unlike any other label of its kind. This porosity is intentional. The microscopic air bubbles on the inkjet-printable label surface assists in reducing ambient and exterior noise from disc vibration during its operation. This self-level seeking label also works to eliminate noises from equipment and other exterior sources.

Significant Noise Reducation
The Green Tune for Audio Mastering CD-R shows a significant reduction in noise caused by vibration compared to conventional discs. The Green Silent Coat (GSC) Label reduces ambient noises caused by the laser servo and other equipment/exterior factors picked up during the master recording/transfer process.

The following diagram is an illustrated example of how well the label helps to suppress vibration based on actual test results from Mitsubishi (MKM). Test results concluded that the Green Tune CD for Audio Mastering, reduces ambient noises 40% better than any other conventional audio recording cd.

Green Tune CD Surface Shake Test Results Image

The Green Silent Coat (GSC) Label is covered with a specially formulated green ink. Its porosity is created by tiny air bubbles. This design helps to reduce disc vibration and ambient noise from the laser servo as well as works to hold down vibration from other external sources.

The images below show what the GSC label looks like under a microscope. You can actually see the porosity in the label.

On the left is a closeup view of the Green Tune's label surface.
On the right is a closeup of the Green Tune's label surface sliced sideways.
Green Tune CD Label View Under Microscope
The above image on the left, shows a magnified view of the disc's label surface. Under a microscope, you can see its porosity. The above image on the right, shows a magnified view of what the label looks like when it is cut apart (not recommended).

The coloring in the following photo is a little more blue than the actual "green" of the Green Tune surface.

The following is a picture of the Green Tune CD's label surface in an Amary Case (case not shown). Every Green Tune CD is individually packaged in its own Amray case for safekeeping and storage.

Green Tune Label View in Amary Style Case

You Can See The Difference Too!
In addition to hearing a distinct difference betwen the Green Tune CD and ordinary or other "high-end" audio recordable CDs, you can actually see the difference. Below is a photograph of the recordable sides of both a Green Tune CD and a well known brand of audio recordable media.   |   Excerpt taken from the Green Tune CD Super AZO page

Green Tune CD Recordable Surface View

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