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Super AZO Media Dye
The Green Tunetm Audio Mastering CD-R uses a specially formulated AZO dye, referred to by Mitsubishi (the manufacturer) as Super AZO Dye. This particular dye shows superior resistance to sunlight and excellent durability. The AZO recording layers on the Green Tune
Super AZO Media Dye Burns Cleaner!
Audio Mastering CD are unaffected by sunlight (UV rays) and other environmental factors. AZO dyes have a proven track record for reliability, durability, and longevity.

Super AZO dye completely decomposes as it is being burned/recorded to the disc. This eliminates the possibility of re-decomposition or re-burning of data from the laser.

Since the Super AZO dye completely decomposes, there is virtually nothing left to re-burn, protecting your valuable recording and audio master from the effects of UV rays and other harmful elements which have been known to render most discs useless. (Though we do not recommend placing your CD-R masters in direct sunlight, the Green Tune for Audio Mastering CD-R has been left in direct sunlight for at least 4 days and was completely unharmed and still perfectly usable thereafter.)

Super AZO dye further ensures the broadest of equipment compatibility as well as consistently providing very low block error rates (*BLER) from disc to disc.

You Can See The Difference Too!
In addition to hearing a distinct difference between the Green Tune CD and ordinary or other "high-end" audio recordable CDs, you can actually see the difference. Below is a photograph of the recordable sides of both a Green Tune CD (right) and a well known brand of audio recordable cd media (left).

Green Tune CD Recordable Surface View

*The Green Tune CD-R BLER (Block Error Rate) tests the lowest of all on any disc we've encountered so far. Compared and tested on the exact same equipment resulted with the Green Tune CD having between 0.0 and 0.6 compared to almost all other CD-Rs which consistently test at the rate of 30 - 50 BLER.on average. 220 BLER is considered the highest rate of error level before complete failure of a disc. BLER rates may vary depending on equipment used.

Based on our own testing as well as information from other professionals who have tested the Green Tune CD, we are convinced that the Green Tune CD-R will have the lowest BLER of any disc you'll ever use for Audio Mastering. When used and/or tested on the exact same equipment, performing the exact same tests or using the exact same record/burn and playback methods.

For a little more information on AZO Media Dye, see the Article Below:
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