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"Most recording and mastering engineers are aware that CDR blanks vary greatly in how well they replicate the original sound. Unfortunately we at Bernie Grundman Mastering, after many tests of all available discs, have always felt too much was being lost...until now. Without question the Green Tune CDR blanks are noticeably better and present the ambience, detail and naturalness better than anything we have tested. All our masters, whether DDP or PMCD, are made on these discs with excellent results. I might add that the difference is not that subtle, everyone hears it." ~  Bernie Grundman

The Finest CD for Audio Mastering You Will Ever Find Guaranteed!
The Best Audio Mastering CD Guaranteed or Your Money Back!
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Made by Mitsubishi, the Green Tune is the first enhanced 74-minute Recordable Audio CD-R of its kind. Designed specifically for professional use by Audio Aficionados, Recording Artists, Studio Engineers, and Anyone who wants to capture that perfect sound. The Green Tune for Audio CD-R is a Low-Speed (1X - 16X) Recordable Audio CD.

Whether you own a recording studio, work on a sound stage, provide audio recording services, record live events, mix soundtracks, create your own music, or want to make a new mastering disc, you have got to try the Grado Series Green Tune for Yourself. There Really Is Nothing Else Like It.
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We Guarantee the Green Tune is Better Than Any Other
Audio Recordable CD You'll Ever Use.
  Or Your Money Back!

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