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Reseller / Dealer Pricing
We are seeking to do business with recording professionals and companies looking to increase their bottom line by offering the Green Tune CD as their premium Recordable CD. Once we have established our reseller base, online pricing on this site will be established at suggested retail prices.

The current pricing for our "Take the Green Tune Challenge" Campaign is to bring awareness of the greatness of this product to recording professionals across the land.

If you are an audio recording professional, own a music store, are a purchasing agent for a music institution/university, or similar type of audio related business and would like to purchase the Green Tune CDs and/or the "scratch-resistant" Archival Century Disc CDs and DVDs at wholesale pricing for use and/or resale at your place of business, please contact us for current wholesale pricing.

We are the National Distributor in North America for
the Green Tune for Audio Mastering CD, made by Mitsubishi.
For Wholesale/Reseller Pricing Use the Online Form Below::

Green Tune Sales
Support Form

You need to have a valid resale certificate or Federal ID (EIN#) to purchase product at wholesale pricing.

Resale Recommended Pricing
These are the prices you should sell them for

Music Institutes EDU Discounts $ 7.99 - $ 14.95
Music Stores Suggested Retail $ 14.95 - $24.95
Recording Studios Value Added Resellers $ 24.95 & Up

Note: above prices are established baselines as set by industry professionals who have been using and selling the Green Tune CDs for over a year now.
We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone, any business, or institution for any reason.
See our Policies Section for more details.

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